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Metal Chick Podcast

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Jun 1, 2017

"MetalChick Ep 028 - Jimmy Berdine Drummer for Kickin Valentina talks touring Europe, Red Light District Shenanigans & 200 Pound Strippers"

This week I am chatting up Jimmy Berdine, who ended up in Hot-lanta, Georgia at an early age and put together a gritty, hard rock, touch of blues band.

He shares how working with promotion companies can land you gigs all over the country and that they love playing the midwest because we are so rock and metal friendly, how they "backline" their instruments when gigging overseas. And how a tiny venue called Rare Guitar in Münster, Germany blew their mind.

Pre-order June 16 their new album "Imaginary Creatures" which comes out August 11, 2017.