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Metal Chick Podcast

Hey thanks for stopping by, rock on!! \m/

MCP On Hiatus

Mar 18, 2019

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Metal Chick Podcast, I've decided to put this show on temporary hiatus to focus one a few upcoming projects.


I thank you for all of your support and I'm sure I will see you soon.

Dec 6, 2017

Milwaukee's Metal Chick Podcast - Out of the Box Event Tactics for Bands with Shane Keddell of Grave Marker Music

In this fun interview we talk to Shane Keddell, lead singer of Headstone and CEO of Grave Marker Music.

He shares three out of the box marketing tactics for shows, what companies can expect if they are...

Jun 1, 2017

"MetalChick Ep 028 - Jimmy Berdine Drummer for Kickin Valentina talks touring Europe, Red Light District Shenanigans & 200 Pound Strippers"

This week I am chatting up Jimmy Berdine, who ended up in Hot-lanta, Georgia at an early age and put together a gritty, hard rock, touch of blues band.

He shares how working with...

May 5, 2017

Metal Chick Podcast - May 2017, SE WI Live Music Report

I'm running down a few shows that are happening in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Check out for the full list and links to the facebook events.