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Metal Chick Podcast

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Mar 16, 2018

Metal Chick Podcast - Citizen X of American Zeros

In this episode, I sit down over beers with the enigma that is Citizen X, lead singer and founder of American Zeros. He shares how the band formed, how he went from being a doctor to the lead singer of a rock band leading the revolution.


Mar 8, 2018

"Milwaukee's Metal Chick Podcast - Ralf Dietel and Niki Skistimas of KrashKarma"   

What happens when you mix a guy from Germany and a gal from New Jersey? You get KrashKarma! Coined as the White Stripes of metal, Niki and Ralph take time out to chat with us about how the band got started, how it’s grown, and how they...

Mar 1, 2018

Milwaukee's Metal Chick - Eric Madl of Dead is Dead

Eric Madl of Dead is Dead stops by to chat about how he got into music, how the band got started and how he has jazz running in his veins.