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Metal Chick Podcast

Hey thanks for stopping by, rock on!! \m/

Dec 1, 2014

004 - Southeast Wisconsin Local Live Music Events for December 2014 & New Years Eve

Looking to see what rock and metal bands are playing in Southeast Wisconsin in December and on New Year's Eve?  Come out and support local music and listen in to find out where I'll be if you want to come out and party with me!

Oct 1, 2014

002 - 3D In Your Face Interview with Sam Spade

This week we're sitting down with Sam Spade, bassist for the nation's #1 80's band, tune in as we talk about the band, touring and finding the perfect location for their upcoming video.

Sep 1, 2014

I survived 3 days of RockUSA….barely. What a fantastic time I had watching all the bands, taking a gazillion selfies and self medicating to help the aches in my neck from banging my head so hard!

This episode is a combination of the 3 mini episodes I recorded onsite. I talk about which bands engaged the women in the...