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Metal Chick Podcast

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Mar 11, 2021

Paul Karcz of Milwaukee metal band Imperial Fall, stops by the Metal Chick Studio to chat about his history in the local music scene.

Paul talks about growing up in a non-musical family and how they gave him their support, he shares how he started playing guitar and the first song he ever learned, he talks about his first band and finding his metal amongst his punk roots.

He talks about Spiral Trance and the two decades the band played, how they traveled the country, got signed and finally saw it to the natural end of the project.

Paul shares his favorite place to play in the Milwaukee area which sent us down memory lane.

We talk about how hard it is for original metal bands to get gigs in this scene, how the ended Spiral Trance and how he ended up joining Imperial Fall.

He explains their writing process, where you can listen to the band and then we dive into the upcoming March 13, 2021 show at Kelly's Bleachers