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Metal Chick Podcast

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Sep 26, 2017

"Metal Chick Podcast Episode 39 - Andrew Balistreri of Thrasher"

We are sitting down with the lead singer of Thrasher, one of Milwaukee’s most popular metal cover bands.

Andrew shares how he first got into music, how Metallica influenced his early years, and how despite playing guitar, he decided being a lead singer was the way to go.

He tells us how Thrasher came to be and how he and his best friend Larry Luling have been jamming together for years.

Thrasher’s first gig was at the Whammy Bar (now Lucky Chance) and how Project Mayhem was a blast to play.

He shares the process of discovery when it comes to new venues to play. How they come up with their song selections and staying versatile in order to be able to play the harder songs.

Then we chat about opening bands and split bills.

And finally he gives us the #1 piece of advice he would give a new band front man.