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Metal Chick Podcast

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Nov 30, 2022

MetalChick Podcast- Olaf Różański & Grzegorz Luzar of the Polish Metal Band Wingless.

It’s 35 degrees Celsius, (or 95 degrees Fahrenheit for us Wisconsinites) in Crakow, Poland, Greg and Olaf are sharing how the band got started, how they were almost a Gothic Rock band in the style of HIM

The Polish mindset vs the Wisconsin mindset when it comes to categorizing metal genres. And for the record Wingless does not want to be put into a box!

Carrie refuses to attempt pronunciation of the band members names.

And then they talk about how they’ve been putting out their albums themselves, and providing the promotion via the internet themselves.

How Slash was Greg’s original inspiration and how the minute Olaf saw Freddie Mercury he knew he wanted to be a singer.

Listen in to find out where their dream European gig would be.